Plates made by the Asmat people from Papua New Guinea. The wild style of the object is characteristic of the Asmat people, who had almost no contact with Western civilization until the middle of the 20th century. The people of the tribe perceived paints and colors as sacred objects with a pattern also held a certain sacred meaning, with the help of paint the artist endowed the object with special power. Making paint was considered a mystical activity, artists mixed the coloring pigment with water obtained from the nests of giant spiders, thereby endowing the resulting paint with special power. This item comes from the Inheritance of the famous adventurer and collector from the Netherlands Jac Hoogerbrugge, similar items were published in his book  “Asmat: arts, crafts and people.” Wood, traces of use, hand carved traditional ornament, dark patina.

Size: 40 см.
Period: first half of XX century
Price: on request
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